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About Us

About Us

9 years long lasting and mutually rewarding relationships
SUBWEB Oil & Gas Service Limited, provide better solutions for customers and richer opportunities for our people. As a leading partner in the energy industry, we're committed to achieving net-zero operational accident and incident by 2050 and we're always looking for the right people to help us get there. People who are as passionate as we are about making operations safer, and more efficient.

SUBWEB oil and gas is an international provider of associated commercial diving and remote operated vehicle (ROV) services from consultancy, through to maintenance/recertification of commercial diving equipment, and remote operated vehicle (ROV), commercial diving equipment procurement, technical support and manpower supply.

We aim is to help improve safety within the inshore, offshore, military and renewable diving markets by assisting its clients in the Africa Sea, Middle East and Asia Pacific with proven technical knowledge, quality equipment and the provision of skilled technical personnel to meet all our client needs.

Subweb Oil and Gas Limited was established in 2013, by commercially minded professionals from the commercial diving industry, with a combined managerial and operational experience of commercial diving activities of over 30 years between its founding members. The company’s aim is to provide diving contractors with a fully integrated solution for commercial diving consultancy, commercial diving equipment maintenance/recertification and commercial diving procurement services.

Subweb Oil and Gas Limited has brought together some of the best manufacturers in the commercial diving industry borne through our extensive experience and hard earned knowledge of commercial diving equipment, we aim to provide our clients with high quality equipment that will withstand the harshest of environments.

What Makes Us Dfferent
From Our Competitors

Engaged skilled / competent professional and effective processes

Use of reliable and certify equipment

Great customer service relationship