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About Us

About Us

10 years long lasting and mutually rewarding and relationships
SUBWEB Oil & Gas Service Limited is an indigenous company with its head office and operations base at PortHarcourt, Nigeria. The company is engaged in Diving, ROV, Construction and oilfields-related activities and was formed mainly to support indigenous efforts to meet the growing demand and challenges posed by the oil and gas sector of the nation’s economy. The company aims to maintain its mainstay in its specialized field.

SUBWEB has entered into alliances and technical tie-ups with several renowned international companies from the oil and gas sector to provide quality and high-tech services to our clients. Promoters of the company are successful businessmen and professionals from their respective fields providing valuable guidance. At SUBWEB, we execute jobs in the most safe and efficient manner with the highest level of professionalism. Our experienced personnel ensure timely completion of jobs. The company prides itself in a total project management approach which has been the hallmark of our success. Click the following link to view our recent track record.

Our HSE policies are current with the fast-paced world & developed by incorporating historic perspectives in protecting and conserving our environment. The policies ensure that our associates, sub-contractors and employees fully understand its importance and are self-disciplined and guided by it. We leave the work site returned to its original state upon completion of the job using our time tested demobilization and waste management policy. We realize the need to respect local traditions and customs of the host communities in order to work in peace and harmony and we have been very successful in all our endeavors.

What Makes Us Dfferent
From Our Competitors

Engaged skilled / competent professional and effective processes

Use of reliable and certify equipment

Great customer service relationship